Interview with Palis (Fresh) Pisuttisarun


Conducted by Maha Ashraf. Edited by Rissa Kei Chua.

Cover image design by Thanh Le

Featured in the image: Fresh Pisuttisarun

Maha Ashraf, one of Momentum Magazine’s content writers, conducted an interview with Palis (Fresh) Pisuttisarun, the co-founder of Prism Chat – a free, anonymous chat support system for members of the LGBTQ+ community. In this interview, Fresh answers the how’s, what’s, and why’s of Prism Chat. 

Interview with Farida El Sharkawy


Conducted by Farida Amr. Edited by Nicole Guan and Jordanne Stewart.

Cover image design by Thanh Le.

Featured in the image: Farida El Sharkawy

The Youngest Egyptian to Reach Mount Everest BC

Farida Amr, the co-director of writing of Momentum Magazine, conducted an interview with Farida El Sharkawy, the youngest Egyptian, as well as the first Eyptian teenager, to reach Mount Everest Base Camp. A two-time TEDx speaker, World Youth Forum attendee, and an active member of the organisation “Surviving Hijab,” Farida El Sharkawy continues to amaze us with her hard work, dedication, passion, and perspective. 

Note: To avoid confusion, Farida Amr’s name will be replaced with “Momentum” for this interview.