Finding The Momentum


Written by Antonia Grosoiu. Edited by Amelia Zawadzka and Isabella Romine.

Artwork by Aerielle Ong.

The title might sound cliché but you will understand its meaning after reading this short but inspiring narrative. 

At the start of 2020, I had plans … a lot of them. I was supposed to go to college, start my “own” responsible life, and live independently. That all sounded amazing to me. What 18-year-old wouldn’t want to live without their parents? However, I learned that, in only a couple of months, things can change drastically.

Cats the Movie ー Apawling and Hissterically Catastrophic


Written by Susan Xi. Edited by Marc Scocca and Lasya Ramakrishnan.

Artworks by Alice Schroeder.

Put in modern jargon, Cats was unsurprisingly two hours of a Furry Con circus. On the way to the theatre, I learned that it had only made back $74.6 million of its $95 million budget. While I was buying tickets, the cashier eyed me with concern. By the time the movie finally started, a grand total of 15 people had shown up to witness the grandeur unfold.